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Our Services

We mainly offer website services, including web design, web programming, shopping cart system development, internal system development and web hosting service. We also provide other multimedia service and consultation services, such as graphic design, mobile apps development, animation production and other creative solutions.


We believe that every client is distinct, every project unique. Our style is steeped in the principals of design.

Website Layout Design

Our designers are experienced in web design and graphic design. The creative layouts created by us are tailor-made. Our web designer would design a stunning website layout that fit your company’s image and industry, in order to help you to attract your target consumers.

User-friendly Admin Panel

We would provide a tailor-made and easy-to-use content management system for you to manage your website.

Caring Customer Service

We believe that communication is very important. We would hear your opinions and provide professional suggestions.


ASE is an expert in web programming, which may help you to enhance your company's efficiency.

The system would be tailor-made,so that the system would include features that fit your company's daily operation, and there would not be any unnecessary functions.

By having your company's own internal system, your company would be more systematic, automatic and productive.

Tailor-made Content Management System (CMS)

In order to enhance the user-friendliness and performance, we develop our own content management system (CMS) and administration panel. In the CMS admin panel, you could edit your website content easily. By choosing ASE, managing a website would not be painful anymore. You can enjoy the easiness of updating your website!

B2C/C2C System

We have rich experience in e-shop system development and other online trading platform. We would develop the system based on your requirement and the uniqueness of the relevant industry.

Enterprise System

Recently, we have developed several enterprise intranet systems. The systems include financial report and other administrative functions, such as managing human resources, customer relationship and projects.


Providing users with the extensive experience of working on mobile projects on the go.

Lets your customer connect with you everywhere.

There is no doubt that smartphone has already become an important part of our life. Everyone could connect to the Internet through gadgets any time and any where. Making your company portable may help you to get more exposure. Moreover, smartphone has become a technology that is popular among different age group, including teenagers, adults and elderlies. Extending your business to the mobile platform may give your company many advantages.

Apart from apps development service, you may also consider our mobile web development service. By choosing our mobile web development service, your website could be accessed through modern web browsers on iOS and Android. Due to the directness of web pages, providing a mobile version website could be more beneficial than publishing a smartphone app in some situations!

Domain &
Hosting Services

Provide different types of domain names and servers for your choice to suit different customer needs.

Domain & Hosting Services

We provide domain name registration and berthing services:
.com / .net / .org / .hk/ .cn / / de / .eu / .us ...

We are experienced and capable of offering web hosting services to companies:
Pragramm Language and Database Support:
Linux:Support PHP + MySQL
Window:Suppport ASP + MS SQL 2008 / MS Access


Apart from web design, we also provide various creative and innovative multimedia solution.

Creative & Multimedia Solution

Can’t find the services that you need? Don’t worry! Apart from web design, we also provide various creative and innovative multimedia solution.

Please feel free to contact our project consultants and tell us your idea. We would provide professional opinions and suggestions to help you optimize your company’s promotion campaign.